attractive large rustic antique 18th century oak tack cupboard with drawers

Attractive Large Rustic Antique 18th Century Oak Tack Cupboard With Drawers



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A lovely antique oak tack cupboard. We date this cupboard to around the mid 18th century.
The cupboard comes in two sections, the base and the top cupboard.
The base sits on square section legs and comprises two drawers at the bottom.
The top section has two side hinged doors fitted with a wooden catch to the right hand door, the left hand door has a catch on the inside.
There is no base to the top section to allow for a sunken storage area, there are levers inside the sunken area to the inside front that need to be pulled to allow the lower drawers to be opened.
The doors are fitted with dummy key escutcheons and brass handles, the drawers are fitted with drop handles mounted on backplates.
The interior of the cupboard has been fitted with a fixed shelf and a side to side brass rail to the top. There would have originally been wooden pegs but these are now missing.
The cupboard has a height of 67.5" (172cm), with a width of 54.5" (139cm) at widest and a depth of 21" (54cm) at deepest.
This lovely large tack cupboard remains in very good solid condition with surface markings commensurate with age and usage. There are indentations throughout and a couple of age splits to the left hand side panel. The back panel and top have some age gaps and the cupboard's brass handles have a few small dents. There are a number of old restorations including some added pieces of oak to the back legs. There is an amount of wear to the lower edges of the bottom drawers.
This remains a very stylish and elegant 18th century tack cupboard which will continue to provide good service for many years to come.


Height = 172 cm (68")
Width = 139 cm (55")
Depth = 54 cm (21")

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