exceptionally large set of bespoke made antique pine library bookcase cabinets

Exceptionally Large Set Of Bespoke Made Antique Pine Library Bookcase Cabinets



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Exceptionally large set of antique pine library bookcase cabinets.
An extremely large set of antique pine bookcase cabinets. They have the provenance of coming from a local Sheriff Court, and we date them to the 1900's.
The bookcases come in five main large sections with their skirting boards, mouldings and cornices. Due to it's bespoke design, this bookcase would need to be installed by a suitable carpenter. We have additional panels of antique pine which could be supplied at no extra cost, with which to tailor the bookcase ends to your exact requirements.
The bookcases are lettered A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J & K. They have three differing depths and three sections create an attractive break front design.
The bookcase doors have brass lattice work with linen fold green curtains to the rear. They would have likely been glazed originally, and have had this lattice work to replace the glass in order to protect the books from sunlight.
The doors are fitted with working locks (keys supplied). Doors A - D are of a standard side hinged design and doors E - H are of a double-hinged design, whereby the two inner doors are hinged to the two outer doors.
The interiors are fitted with height adjustable shelves which sit on small metal pegs housed in a series of holes in the sides of the cabinet.
Each bookcase has an overall height of 102" (259cm).
Bookcase A - B has a width of 107.5" (273cm) and a depth of 14.5" (37cm). The shelves are 53" (135cm) wide by 12" (31cm) deep.
Bookcase C - D has a width of 103.5" (263cm) and a depth of 14.5" (37cm). The shelves are 49" (125cm) wide by 12" (31cm) deep.
Bookcase E - F has a width of 100" (254cm) and a depth of 17" (cm). The shelves are 48" (122cm) wide by 13.5" (35cm) deep.
Bookcase G - H has a width of 100" (254cm) and a depth of 21" (cm). The shelves are 48" (122cm) wide by 17.5" (45cm) deep.
Bookcase J - K has a width of 100" (254cm) and a depth of 17" (cm). The shelves are 48" (122cm) wide by 13.5" (35cm) deep.
The cornice adds an additional 4" (10cm) of depth to each section.
This lovely antique pine court/library bookcase has been constructed to a very high standard and it remains in very good solid condition. There are some minor spots of wear and usage marks, and some marks where they were taken out of the court house.
This set of library bookcases remains as impressive and majestic as when it was originally built. It will surely prove to be an exceptional talking point and provide an excellent amount of storage space for years to come.


Height = 259 cm (102")
Width = 1300 cm (512")
Depth = 45 cm (18")

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